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Ruby On Rails – A perfect mix for Back-end development. Did you know This?


Despite Java being the leader in Back-end development technology since the coding redemption, it's a bold claim that Ruby on rails is a long way off. Ahead in the race of back-end development and is the first choice of hundreds and thousands of developers while they decide to perform back-end development. Other than the best suited framework and jaw dropping features Ruby rails has much more than this on the plate to offer such as speedy runtime, Quick deployable modules and easily integrate able plugins establishing Ruby as the market leader in Backend-Development technology.

Ruby on Rails has been found to be most sought-after technology with its framework and ease of use. The best thing about rails is its design which helps developers to build faster and efficiently which in turn yields results in lesser period saving cost, time and efforts.

While undertaking any custom software development projects weather a website, a mobile application development or an enterprise application development the importance of having a robust back end is never of the screens and while we understand how important it is for a high performing software development having an accurate framework, a reliable infrastructure is a must which is absolutely served with ruby on rails.

The major impact one sees with ruby on rails is emphasis on convention than configuration which reduces overall development timeline, reduces the complexity of the development and instigates lesser app maintenance cost.

What do you get with Ruby on Rails Development Framework?

  • Faster Development 
  • Security
  • Community exp.
  • Easy Maintenance 
  • Responsive
  • Reusable
  • User Freindly

Ruby on Rails is an exclusive MVC framework developed to create impactful web and desktop application to begin with and works on the principal of developing the codes to separate business logics in to three separate interconnected paths which are

  • Application Logic
  • Data Objects
  • High level classification of the Application

All the three interconnected paths are then controlled by a connector which sets the communication channel between the objects in real time to provide faster and easier access to information. This features of ruby in rails comes with a flurry of advantages for a developer. The most discussed of them are mentioned below: -

  • Enhancement of existing codebase
  • Variety in programming styles
  • Enables quick prototyping
  • Gels best with the Agile development process
  • Increased collaboration between front end and back end for a better user experience.

Ruby on Rails- The best a developer can get!

All the way we have been talking about how RoR is structured to make the back-end development process more streamlined, cost effective and less time consuming. Let us understand a few of the notable properties why RoR is such a vouched technology for back-end development.

Methodological and processed based tooling system

RoR is said to have the widest range of tools and also frequently upgradable which helps the developers to build back-end on Ruby Rails which also reduces the complexity of repetitive elements on the development Process.

High Quality Coding- 

Because of its capability to transcend smooth and clean coding even though technologies like Node JS and PHP are available still it makes RoR the best approached technology for efficient and better functioning application development.

Wide Resource Range

As mentioned RoR has a huge range of tools and resources that are upgraded in real time and has the best capability to integrate with third party plugin it eventually saves lot of time by reducing the new code development and data sourcing from third party libraries making apps run faster and swifter.

Rigorous Testing

The most emphasised feature of RoR is the security and privacy, Ruby rails facilitates test automation with its expanded libraries to ensure the application is free from all the bugs, issues and Lags. This helps to develop a fine end product ensuring higher degree of client satisfaction and user happiness.

Time and Effort Efficient 

Since Ruby rails focuses on convention than configuration it offers a development platform for most time and effort efficient development process. Since all the tools in ROR are object oriented and are easily accessible for libraries it becomes highly effective in reducing the time of the development as developers can access the data in real time and hence making the development more quick, dependable and efficient.

On the other hand, since Ruby is easily readable hence there is a reduction in efforts that developers had to make in writing code documents separately which helps the project completion with minimal and efficient efforts.

What makes Ruby the indispensable tech choice and inevitable technology for Back-end Development. 

  • Developer friendly database formations
  • Effortless data migration
  • Premier choice for all the mobile application development in iOS and Android with its ability to fit in with Agile mode of development.
  • In numerable testing options such as benchmarking, syntax testing and mocking.
  • Empowering faster and effective web app development for business of all reputes right from
  • Enterprises, Mid-Size companies and Start-ups

Applications of Ruby On Rails

  • E-commerce Websites -    Shopify
  • Web & Mobile App  -          Github.
  • Entertainment -                   Netflix
  • Enterprise Applications -   Fiverr


What makes Ruby on rails the most favourable framework for the development of Back-end Infrastructure for any custom software and Application development is the elements of efficiency in resource management, Faster development capability, Highly flexible, astonishing database and library of tools and modules and set of replicable best practices.

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