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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Development 2022


The ever-increasing demand for custom software development has revolutionized modern businesses with massive access to information, flexibility, availability, and countless productivity benefits. One such conundrum of custom software development is disrupting the way a company expands its arms to embrace ROI and profitability…. Yes, you got it right, it is none other than a mobile app.With the dream of a perfect collaboration of technology and visual expertise, where information and accessibility were available at our fingertips, about ten years ago, technology fulfilled the mystery of visual and technological expertise "Mobile App" and since then everything directly from how we eat. There has been a revolution in how we travel and how we spend.

Over the past 5 years, we have witnessed an extreme expansion of the mobile application market and its business response. Mobile app development is not always the same due to differences in functionality, the scope of work, business rules, and most importantly the price involved.

Creating a mobile app is said to be a very critical and engaging activity and there are factors that need to be checked before embarking on a mobile app development project.

In this article, we will cover the best possible roadmap for developing the best mobile apps with the latest trends in 2022.


Factors that determine costs and investments: 

Mobile Devices – One of the most important aspects of the mobile app development process is to create, design, and develop an app that is either built for a specific device or the vision is to develop a device-neutral app that can be accessed. regardless of devices and operating systems like iOS, Android, Microsoft, and the price is highly dependent on what kind of application needs to be developed.

Integration Triggers Points – Mobile app development is not a standalone process, many third-party integrations need to be done before developing a functional mobile app. Getting the right third-party integration tools with the right API points plays a very important role in determining the cost-effectiveness of mobile app development.

User Experience and Visual Effectiveness – The success of mobile app development largely depends on how effectively the user interacts with the app, and here comes the role of the UI/UX design process, which determines how complex and user-friendly the user interface will be.

Security and Privacy Parameters – Identifying data security standards when developing applications and the type of data to be collected also plays a significant role in defining costs, the more complex the application, the more expensive it is to develop, test, and manage.


Factors that determine the effectiveness of the mobile application development process: 

Mobile app development is a process that has a set life cycle and when setting the mobile app development path, it is very important to understand and set up a structured and compatible mobile app development cascade to ensure maximum optimization of time and human capital. and the expected result.

When starting the mobile app development process, it's a good idea to incorporate standard best practices.

So let's briefly understand the best practices to consider in the development process.

Planning Phase - It has been said that "well planned is half the work done". While one is carrying out the mobile app development process, it is very important to have a perfectly well-planned and goal-oriented development strategy that covers the business-critical aspects of development such as;

  • Application Feasibility 
  • Target audience
  • Clear business objective and information contact points
  • Market research
  • Business results

It is easier to build an application within discussed budgets and communicated timelines once all relevant information is well covered in the planning phase, as it provides guidance for developing an application that has defined goals, defined functions, and set performance parameters.

Map the Requirement – ​​​​Mapping the requirements and creating an extensive list of features is another key step in the mobile application development process. Based on the information gathered during the planning phase, it is important to map out the various functions of the application with a clear understanding of communication points and dependencies to ensure that the application displays an accurate response that aligns with business outcomes. Some of the important elements to pay attention to are as follows:

  • Required feature Elements
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Business labels
  • The data types to capture
  • Navigation integration

Design Mastery – This is the most attractive and future-defining part of mobile app development, at this stage, the app gets an identity, face and shape, and recognition that sticks in the mind of users. The main goal of this phase is to design an interactive, intuitive, and high-performance structure. The design phase is broadly divided into 5 main pillars:-

Workflow and Architecture Design – An application is nothing more than a repository of information, and the architecture phase determines where the information resides and how it interacts with users to [perform a certain activity.

Wire models! Application Look and Feel – The process of digitally replicating features, workflows, and communication methodology involve the design of a wireframe, which is most commonly known as the application's visual architecture.

Develop the Prototype – Having first-hand experience of the app during development helps mobile app development teams to create better and premium apps and this is where the working model of the app is designed as a prototype to help the design team understand how the end user will feel when using the app.


Factors determining the development process -

Development to the core – After all the hard work from ideation, design, and prototyping, and application development begins here, which includes identifying the technology stack, designing the technical architecture, and finally setting development timelines with developmental milestones.


The mobile app development process is usually completed in 3 main classes –

Back-end Development - ​​data plays an important role in the performance of the application and at this stage, it is determined where the data will reside, what business logic will interact with the data with specific workflows, and what the calculated results will be possible.

API Integration – There is a constant need for a communication protocol between the front-end and the back-end, which will play a critical role.

Frontend Development - Everything the user does and sees on the screen is called the frontend, where the main goal is to ensure that the user has a pleasant experience while browsing the application, which will lead to successful business results. 


Factors determining the accuracy and sustainability of the application: 

Testing -Before launching an application, it is important to understand the acceptability of the application from the user's point of view, and this is where performance and functional testing play a very important role. To ensure that the user has the same intensity of exp as desired at the planning stage, AB spike testing is done with similar apps to identify positives and possibly negatives to create a remarkable user exp. Some of the important testing activities during this phase are as follows.

  • User experience testing

  • Functional testing

  • Performance testing

  • Security testing

Deployment - Now the app is gift-wrapped and ready to be gifted to users and it's time to successfully launch it on the Play and App stores for users to download and experience to deliver business results.


Wait don't go away…

We leave you with market-based app development estimates that are sure to give you an amazing experience and the ability to calculate and plan your next mobile app development project.


S. No

Application development type


Estimated Price (USD)


Basic Application

Basic business logic, user interface design, and work rules.



Application of medium Complexity

Advanced business logic, user interface design, and work rules



Comprehensive application development

Advanced business logic, user interface design, and work rule



Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and development

On the real ones


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